It is always nice to know a bit more about the vehicle you are considering to drive your family around in. With the Chrysler Pacifica being such a popular family minivan, you may want to visit Westgate Dodge Ram Wake Forest and have a closer look. You will discover a number of safety features that really help you feel confident when driving this vehicle.

With the blind spot monitoring system on the Pacifica, you will have some additional eyes looking out for you. If the sensors notice a car in your path as you are about to change lanes, you will be immediately notified so you can avoid a possible collision.

You will also be able to put the adaptive cruise control to good use as you are driving on long trips. If you are moving up on the traffic in front of you a bit too fast, the sensors will notice this and begin to slow you down. Test drive the Pacifica today at Westgate Dodge Ram Wake Forest.

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