Driving the Chrysler 300 Is a Lot Safer Because of These Features

While there are many features on the Chrysler 300 that you will want to have a look at, the ones revolving around safety are especially important. You will love the way that this popular luxury sedan is looking out for you as you are behind the wheel.

It all begins with the adaptive cruise control feature. This is cruise control like you have never seen before it before. Instead of you having to brake and accelerate when traffic gets heavy, the Chrysler 300 will do it for you. This is a safety enhancement that will make your job easier as the driver.

You will also want to learn about the blind spot monitoring system. This is how you can find out that there are other vehicles in your path that might not yet be visible. You will be alerted to this via your rear mirrors. Check it out while you are test driving the Chrysler 300 at Westgate Dodge Ram Wake Forest.


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