Chrysler Drivers Should Check Out Mopar Coverage

Tires and wheels may be durable, but they can only handle so much impact. Running over a sharp object in the road or accidentally hitting a curb at high speed can cause serious problems. Chrysler owners with Mopar coverage can replace all four damaged tires and wheels at no cost. The coverage plan has other benefits, too.

Mopar coverage pays for the full replacement or repair of all four tires and wheels. As long as they are factory or aftermarket parts and the vehicle is eligible for coverage, Mopar should help drivers out.

Don't worry about the deductible, either. Mopar coverage offers a zero-deductible plan. Paying out of pocket shouldn't be an issue. And who wants to deal with a $500 deductible due to a road hazard problem?

The service department at Westgate Dodge Ram Wake Forest handles all kinds of work related to tires, wheels, and more. Give us a call and make an appointment today.


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